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Take Immunecare Apo Lactoferrin. Here are 8 compelling reasons why –

  • Lactoferrin activates and proliferates dendritic cells in the respiratory tract.

These cells are immune defence cells. Their main function is to process antigen material and present it on the cell surface to the T cells of the immune system. They act as messengers between the innate and the adaptive immune systems. This is usually the first point of contact with a respiratory virus, so this is where the battle starts. If these cells activate quickly and in enough numbers, then infection can be dealt with quickly.

  • Lactoferrin decreases the ‘cytokine storm’ that increases the chance of mortality with Covid-19.

Diseases such as Covid-19 and influenza can be fatal due to an overreaction of the body’s immune system called a cytokine storm. Cytokines are small proteins released by many different cells in the body, including those of the immune system where they coordinate the body’s response against infection and trigger inflammation. Down regulating this storm is vital to avoid a greater risk of complications.

  • Lactoferrin proliferates T cells.

T cells (also called T lymphocytes) are one of the major components of the adaptive immune system. Their roles include directly killing host cells infected by viruses, activating other immune cells, producing cytokines and regulating the immune response. The virus destroying cells are especially important in a viral infection. Lactoferrin also improves the T cells’ memory of the pathogen, so that the immune system can be more quickly activated in the future.

  • Lactoferrin inhibits viral entry into human cells.

Because viruses are not living, they can only replicate within host cells. Denying them entry into those cells is an absolute limiting factor on the infection. No viral entry, no replication, no infection.

If the virus does enter the cell, Lactoferrin acts on the virus by way of the interferon cytokine which can kill the virus in the cell.

  • Lactoferrin boosts both innate and adaptive immunity.

The first line of defence against non-self pathogens is the innate immune response. The innate immune response consists of physical, chemical and cellular defenses against pathogens. The main purpose of the innate immune response is to immediately prevent the spread and movement of foreign pathogens throughout the body.

The second line of defense against non-self pathogens is called adaptive immune response. Adaptive immunity is also referred to as acquired immunity or specific immunity. The adaptive immune response is specific to the pathogen presented. You can find out more about Lactoferrin and immunity here.

  • Lactoferrin is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women to take, at the recommended dose of one capsule per day.
  • Lactoferrin is safe for children to take at the recommended dose of one capsule per day.
  • Lactoferrin is safe for the elderly to take at the recommended dose of one capsule per day.

It is no coincidence that the immune systems of our more senior citizens are much less effective than our younger citizens, and that they are much more prone to infections. T cell production, one of the mainstays of the immune function, becomes impaired with advancing years. It has been noted by doctors in America, however, that reversal of this atrophy can take place with both  Colostrum and Lactoferrin supplementation. Clearly this is very important in these days of Covid-19.

2. Supercharge your immune system with loads of Immune Factors.

Immunecare Colostrum is probably the best all round immune boosting supplement you can get, with 37 immune factors, growth factors, peptides, vitamins and minerals that your body uses to fight infections. It is especially beneficial for the elderly, as it helps their immune systems to become more effective and efficient, in effect ‘younger’. For the precise immune boosting constituents of Colostrum, look here.


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Detailed Description

“If you can only afford one supplement, take Lactoferrin” world renowned Naturopath and Nutritionist Ron Gellately says.

Why take Lactoferrin?

Lactoferrin helps in fighting disease, it

  • increases mucosal immunity
  • reduces inflammation
  • fights bacterial infection
  • fights viral infection
  • aids recovery from illness
  • improves bone density
  • has a high iron binding capacity; this binds free radicals which, if un-controlled, can cause havoc in your body


Lactoferrin, part of the body’s own defence system, protects and encourages the body’s good, vital gut flora while destroying disease causing bacteria.

Antibiotics kill the healthy gut flora in the fight against disease causing bacteria. This weakens the immune system, causes digestive trouble and makes you vulnerable to new infections.

What is Lactoferrin?

Lactoferrin is a protein that naturally occurs in the body

  • in colostrum (the milk directly produced after a baby’s birth)
  • in mucosal linings of the nose, mouth, airways and the gut
  • in tears, to protect the eyes from pathogens


Lactoferrin is a single defensive immune protein, 100 % pure and natural.

Lactoferrin is extracted from cow’s milk but contains no lactose. It is suitable for people with lactose intolerance. People with clinically diagnosed dairy allergy should not take Lactoferrin just in case, and it might not be suitable for people with Asthma.

Immunecare Lactoferrin is guaranteed hormone, pesticide and antibiotic free. We source only ethically collected supplies – the calf is not deprived or harmed in any way.

There are two types of Lactoferrin:

Hololactoferrin contains more iron but has a lower iron binding capacity – it is cheaper than Apo Lactoferrin but less effective.

Apolactoferrin has more iron receptors than Holo Lactoferrin and is superior particularly in improving bone density and the repair of intestinal epithelial cells.  These cells are important for digestion, the absorption of nutrients and the protection of the human body from infections.

When to take Lactoferrin?

Take Lactoferrin at any time. Lactoferrin helps


  • before an infection because
    • it increases the mucosal immunity
    • it systemically boosts the body’s own immune functions
    • it encourages the growth of bifidobacteria in the gut
    • it kills disease causing bacteria while protecting healthy gut flora
  • during an infection because
    • it reduces inflammation which causes havoc in viral infections
    • it speeds up recovery
    • it encourages the growth of bifidobacteria in the gut, which aids nutrient absorption and recovery
  • after an infection because
    • it helps recovery from viral and bacterial infections
    • this supplement is approved by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and helps international athletes in recovery
    • it systemically boosts the body’s own immune functions


How does it work?


Lactoferrin is effective in protecting from  bacterial and viral infections.


Viral infection: Lactoferrin stops a virus from injecting its genetic material into a host cell either by blocking cellular receptors, or by direct binding to the virus particles. When a virus succeeds in injecting its genetic material into a host cell and that infected host cell multiplies, a viral infection wil take hold.

Lactoferrin is effective in fighting viral infections.

Antibiotica are ineffective in protecting against viral infections.


A bacterial infection occurs when a bacterium binds to a host cell surface, and the infected cell multiplies.

Lactoferrin stops bacteria from binding to the host by binding to the bacterial wall, which ultimately causes the bacterial cell to die.

Lactoferrin is ideal for people who are either unable, or do not wish, to take traditional pharmaceutical antibiotics with all their damaging side effects.


Antibiotics kill good and bad bacteria thus weakening the gut flora and immune system and making you susceptible to new infections. Lactoferrin is a well researched, effective and safe natural alternative.


What do other people say about it?



Since 1975 this remarkable supplement has fascinated researchers. Over 2000 peer-reviewed scientific papers, published  in medical and scientific journals, show the effectiveness of oral supplementation with Lactoferrin.

Read studies on Lactoferrin and a range of yeasts and fungi at the National Library of Medicine here or on the National Institutes of Health database here

Ron Gellately, world renowned Australian Naturopath, Nutritionist and Homoeopath sings the praises of Lactoferrin in his bestselling book ‘Internal Health’. This highly qualified therapist says, ‘If you can only afford one supplement – make it Lactoferrin.’

Professor Jayney Goddard notes in her book on the H5N1 virus, ‘The Survivor’s Guide to Bird Flu‘,  that Lactoferrin is very useful against influenza. She describes how Lactoferrin increases mucosal immunity, which is vital for resisting viruses, and reduces inflammation, which is one of the ways viruses cause such a problem to the body.


Lactoferrin has US FDA approval as a safe and non-toxic supplement (GRAS). Lactoferrin can be taken by international athletes as it is IOC friendly and FDA approved.




“When my daughter was thirteen, she developed Glandular Fever, and she was so ill that I was on the verge of taking her to hospital. Instead we gave her high doses of Lactoferrin and Colostrum for five days: on the sixth day she was back at school and wanting to play Hockey! That was eight years ago, and there have been no recurrences.” – Neil Wootten

“I have been using Immunecare Lactoferrin supplement for the last two years both personally and for my clients.  Its excellent immune supporting effect has helped prevent the upper respiratory tract infections that blight so many.  We have found that Immuncare Lactoferrin really does help keep us protected throughout the year, and particularly through periods of stress either in sport or the workplace.’” – Roz Kadir RN Dip ION MSc


Lactoferrin Xtra, our product,  has three to four times the strength of the iron binding capability of standard Lactoferrin. All Immunecare Lactoferrin is now Apo Lactoferrin. For Halo Lactoferrin, please see the Eco Formulas Lactoferrin on this website.

Dosage instructions
Take one capsule per day, if you are fighting an infection or as support of your immune system. Because Immunecare Lactoferrin (potent apo-lactoferrin) is three to four times stronger than standard Lactoferrin, you need only one capsule per day. Capsules should be taken on an empty stomach with a large glass of tepid water (approximately 300ml).

Immunecare Lactoferrin comes in bottles of 90 vegetarian capsules, each capsule containing only 250mg of pure New Zealand Lactoferrin. Lactoferrin contains no lactose, and so is suitable for those with lactose intolerance.
90 Capsules – (250mg pure Apo Lactoferrin)

For more information about Lactoferrin please view this PDF research paper.

90 capsules £69.95 – save £20.00!

Lactoferrin may not be suitable for severe asthma sufferers. It should not be taken in conjunction with blood thinning medications.


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    I have been using Immunecare Lactoferrin supplement for the last two years both personally and for my clients. Its excellent immune supporting effect has helped prevent the upper respiratory tract infections that blight so many. We have found that Immuncare really does help keep us protected throughout the year, and particularly through periods of stress either in sport or the workplace.
    Roz Kadir RN Dip ION MSc

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