Candida Pack Two with Lactoferrin


Candida Pack with added Lactoferrin Xtra 30 caps for biofilm and added antimicrobial activity.


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Detailed Description


  • Colostrum to deal with leaky gut, support healthy immune function and loosen the grip of candida on the gut wall
  • Candigest Plus to kill off the candida without ‘die off’ or toxicity to the liver; and candida cannot become resistant to it
  • CP-1 to repopulate the gut with beneficial bacteria, changing pH levels and making it harder for candida to return.
  • Lactoferrin Xtra 30 caps to break down biofilms and for added antibacterial activity.
  • No need to spend hundreds of pounds and take dozens of supplements – this pack does it all!

Nutritional Practitioners love Candigest Plus and what it does for their clients:

K. Baker notes ” Candigest Plus has never let me down with my clients in the years that I have been using it.”

Health Food stores love it too:

P. Hilton from Natural Choice said, “Candigest Plus has far outperformed any other supplement for this condition over the years we have been selling it.”

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