Revolutionary Probiotic Cleaners

Here at Immunecare, we love things that are revolutionary, simple and effective. After all, it is how we got started, by formulating a simple effective answer to Candida overgrowth. When I explained the concept behind Candigest Plus to a Pharmacist at a trade expo, he shouted out 'That's brilliant'!

I had the exactly the same response when I discovered Probiotic Cleaners.

I must admit, I am a bit of a clean freak, and I am always wiping down surfaces and vacuuming the house. I stopped using harsh chemicals years ago because they were so unhealthy for us and polluting for the environment. I have been working with probiotics and human health since 2001 when I started Immunecare. For the past few years I have been following with interest the Human Microbiome Project. The Human Microbiome Project (launched in 2008) was a United States National Institutes of Health (NIH) initiative with the goal of identifying and characterizing the microorganisms which are found in association with both healthy and diseased humans (the human microbiome).

This Project has led to research being done on whole new generations of applications for probiotic organisms.

As a result of this work, there is a new paradigm in house surface and floor cleaning, and it utilises probiotic bacteria! Probiotic bacteria in our cleaners kill off bad bacteria, digest them and compete for food with them. The result is a cleaner and more healthy environment for you and your family, chemical free and more in balance with Nature.

When using Probisana Probiotic Cleaner, a large portion of the pathogenic bacteria is removed by physical means as is the case with regular cleaning. The innovative aspect is that immediately after cleaning, a layer of good bacteria is placed on the treated surfaces (floors, walls, furniture, beds, sanitary ware…). These good bacteria will immediately occupy all space, and compete for food and water, thereby preventing newly arriving pathogens from multiplying.

Our new Probisana Cleaners, powered by Chrisal technology, do not use biocides or disinfectants. We have seen that the use of these harsh chemicals has failed in homes and hospitals for two reasons.

Firstly, once you have disinfected a surface, bad bacteria start to grow on it after 36 minutes, and after one hour they are back in the numbers they were before disinfection.

Second, some bacteria hide under a biofilm layer comprising proteins and exopolysaccharides that disinfectants do not penetrate at all.

Studies carried out in Hospitals by Universities in Europe using Chrisal probiotic cleaners showed a decrease in harmful bacteria of 69% over and above that achieved by harsh chemical disinfection.

Used in your home, Probisana Probiotic Cleaners cause a shift in the bacterial milieu which affects the indoor environment in a positive way, helping allergy sufferers coping with house dust and asthma.

The problem with a lot of cleaning products on the market is that they’re made with toxic chemicals. Some of these include VOCs (volatile organic compounds), bleach, ammonia and formaldehyde. Substances like these, when released into the air, contribute to respiratory problems in asthmatics.


Cleaning with harsh chemicals that can spark asthma symptoms is one thing, but there’s another reason why products of that nature should be avoided altogether. Aside from containing irritants, they’re also made with antibacterial disinfectants that kill GOOD bacteria.

When it comes down to bacteria, 80% of it is good and only 20% is actually bad. You don’t want household cleaning products that destroy ALL instances of bacteria. Why? Because they leave behind a layer of dead bacteria known as BioFilm which becomes a food source for new bacteria.


With the rate at which asthma is growing, why not make simple changes in how you clean to avoid triggering symptoms and suffering? Asthma safe cleaning products, like the Probisana line, put allergens in their place and help you breathe easy.

Our cleaners use only Green detergents, enzymes and probiotics, giving green, sustainable hygiene. No harsh chemicals to pollute the environment.

They also ensure deep microscopic cleaning, prevention and elimination of odours and a healthy microflora in the environment.

The green detergents act as a degreaser, the enzymes break down the biofilm layer, and beneficial bacteria kill the harmful bacteria and compete for food sources, thus crowding them out and preventing their return for up to 3 days. This is something that existing environmentally friendly cleaners cannot do!

And even better news for your pocket and for the environment, is that Probisana Probiotic Cleaner is superconcentrated, and a One Litre bottle makes up to 100 litres of Cleaner!

My bottle has lasted almost a year, and I still have enough left to complete the full year! Click here to see the Probisana range and keep your house clean and safe for a minimum of 72 hours, not a maximum of 36 minutes!

Question: What surfaces can you use Probisana Probiotic Cleaners on?

Answer: Just about any!

Here is what I use them on-

Any kitchen surface and Whiteware




Any Bathroom and Sanitary ware

Car interiors

Painted walls


For Upholstery use the Probisana Home Spray