Our Health Clinic

Sometimes we all need a little outside perspective on issues that we may be struggling with. In line with thinking about health holistically, we are able to offer a range of modalities to enhance your health and wellbeing, whether physical, mental or emotional.

Neil Wootten Ph.D

Neil has been consulting on gut and immune health for 20 years. His interest in nutrition began in the 1980’s during his Sport Science degree, where he took a particular interest in sport nutrition. This interest grew to include general human nutrition, and in 2001 he completed a Ph.D in Nutritional Sciences, which he followed up a few years later with a two year Naturopathy course.

He was a long time IBS sufferer (for 35 years due to antibiotic use as a child), having had consultations with many doctors about it. The outcome was always the same, being advised to ‘go away and live with it’. He used his knowledge to cure his own IBS, and has not had a repeat incidence of it since that point 23 years ago.

Neil started consulting on gut health in 2001, and since that time has helped coach thousands of people back to health. He undertakes constant professional development to stay at the cutting edge of his chosen field, reading dozens of relevant scientific papers weekly. He recently also qualified as a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, and makes an excellent ally for people seeking better gut health.

Neil specialises in dealing with chronic health conditions that have plagued clients, sometimes for decades. No matter if you have just recently been diagnosed with IBS, or if you need guidance working through complicated health matters that may have baffled doctors for years, Neil would love to hear from you.

Clients have said:

“I had severe indigestion/reflux which was getting unbearably worse. No doctors’ medication helped. I also have Hashimotos thyroidism. Following your advice, after only two weeks I began to lower symptoms and now have none at all. Thank you.” M.V.

“I feel like a life of hell has been cured. I have noticed that not only can I now eat most anything at all but I can even eat wheat which was impossible for as much as last 45 years.” R.A.

“Thank you again for your help and brilliant products which are life changing!” Michele 

“I used to go to the hospital all the time for water infections and I used to take antibiotics. I’m now free from any complications I used to have, it’s truly priceless. Thank you for your great service, I will always recommend it!” S.F.

The process

When you book your consultation, Neil will ask you for the results of any medical or nutritional tests that you have undertaken. He normally asks for these to be sent to him a week before your appointment, so there is ample time to review them, and so this does not eat into your appointment time. You will be sent a Zoom link two days before your appointment by email.

A consultation normally lasts between one to one and a half hours, during which time Neil will take a thorough case history, and calling on his qualifications and twenty years of consulting experience, make specific recommendations for regaining your health. The fee per session is normally £95, but because he is celebrating 20 years of consulting on gut and immune health, for the month of June patients can save £20.

Olli Ricken

Olli, draws from a vast toolkit of intensive study and professional development, and has an innate intuitive ability to gently guide a client to reach their full potential and make empowered life choices. Her chosen areas of expertise are helping people with

  • your health
  • accessing your creativity
  • conflicting situations
  • stress
  • reaching your full potential
  • gaining clarity
  • turning struggles into strengths
  • decision making.

When seeing clients, Olli draws on her comprehensive qualifications in approaches to teaching, the theory and practice of learning, and how this process influences, and is influenced by, the social, political and psychological development of learners.  Coupled with her experience as a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Journey Practitioner, Olli has a wonderful vocation for helping and empowering people.

Olli also specialises in helping facilitate those wishing to access or expand their creativity, and her degree in Performing Arts as well as her years as a performer amply qualify her for this.

If you need purpose, better health, or clarity in decision making then Olli would love to hear from you.

“Your guidance helped me realise how best to serve my goal and make it achievable. You guided my experience with care, understanding and love. ” M.

“I have been feeling a lot more at peace since our consultation. Things are a lot better than they used to be, and my muscles are a lot more relaxed now. Thank you.” Y.H.

Dr. Neil Wootten and his wife Olli Ricken