Crohn’s & Adult Formula CP-1

Your product has literally saved my life. Anyone who has suffered from Crohn’s can tell you, the pain is unbearable.

I was at the end of my rope. The conventional medicines had not worked, nor had they stopped the bloody diarrhea, which had gotten so frequent that I was literally too weak to do anything.

In July, 2003 I was awaiting my second Remicade infusion when I came across your website. I had nothing to lose, so I tried your Adult Formula CP-1.

I began with four capsules three times/day and noticed an improvement in TWO days, yet I still suffered from cramping and bloody diarrhea, yet milder. You then sent me the powder form , which I mixed one scoop with water three times per day and THE NEXT DAY THE PAIN, THE DIARRHEA AND THE BLOOD were gone. About a week of being on the powder form, and feeling better than I had felt in a year, my doctor performed a sigmoidoscopy and said “this is not the same colon, it’s gone”.

I have now been off all Cohn’s medicine (Colozal, Pentasa, Entecort) since November 26, 2003 and have never felt better. My doctor has no other explanation for my recovery, it has to be the probiotics.

Thank you

Vicky Schofield, USA